Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

My watch says the date is the 31st.

Clearly it doesn't know that February only has 29 days (or, rather, it expected me to actually change the date at the appropriate time. Silly).

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed right now because I have too much work and not enough time to do it in. But I figured that if I made a list, I might be able to more successfully compartmentalize and it will seem less impossible:
- Thesis (I'm aiming for 16-20 pages for Tuesday, but really I'm not worried about the length, just about getting everything I want to say in there and support all of my conclusions satisfactorily)
- Geography webwork assignment (due before class on Tuesday, so I'll have to do it by Monday night...I think it's a long one, though, so it will take about 2 hours)
- Theory and Criticism term paper outline (definitely waiting until after my thesis appointment with my advisor. I should be able to take a lot of it out of my thesis if I go about it right. It's due Thursday)
- History of Prints extra credit paper (it's extra credit, but I need the 10 points, so I'll have to write a kick-ass, 8-page comparison of Rembrandt's "The Three Trees" and Whistler's "[something] Landscape" etchings. Time consuming...and time I don't really have. I guess that's what I'll be doing all-day Wednesday and Thursday morning and evening)

All I can say is thank god I wrote my Film paper (also due Tuesday) last week.

But I guess if I compartmentalize it, I only have my thesis and Geography webwork to do before 9am on Tuesday. The outline and Prints paper can wait until Wednesday. Assuming, of course, I can write an 8-page paper in a day and a half.

I foresee no sleep in my future.

The good news? Spring Break begins immediately after that extra-credit paper is due on Friday.

Oh, and at some point I should let you all in on the drama of the apartment. Everything is currently imploding, but I'm ignoring it all until I have time to worry about it.
Tags: art, class, homework, prints, roommates, school, theory/criticism, thesis

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