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No right minds could wrong be this many times...

It's odd, but I've always sort of believed that money was something that would work itself out. And to a large extent, I think much of my conscious and subconscious mind still believes that.

Sadly, I don't have any long-lost rich uncle from whom I could stand to inherit loads of money. But I guess the thought of winning the lottery never seemed all that far-fetched (although I've never actually played).

Last week, someone in Georgia won $270 million on the Mega Millions drawing (something we don't have in Florida, otherwise I totally would have played for that jackpot).

And I thought about what I would do if I had won that sort of payout. First off, I'd get the lump sum and after taxes, I'm sure it would be no more than $125 million. So I'd put $100 million into a savings account (so I can earn more money). Then I'd pay off my student loans. After which I'd pay off the mortgages of my parents' and all of my siblings' houses. Buy my sister Chris a house. Pay off everyone's debts (credit cards or whatever). Buy anyone who needs one a new car. Put $500,000 in college savings accounts for my nephew and each of my nieces. And after I've done what I think is fair for my immediate family...I'll probably be a little selfish and get myself a new car and possibly buy an apartment in Paris. Or Chicago. Or New York...I don't really know. I'd decide on some place to live, though. And I wouldn't have to worry about getting a high-paying job...I could just find something that I love to do...I could volunteer, even. And when I get bored of that, or realize that it's not using my full potential, I could go to grad school, maybe even somewhere ridiculously expensive and I could study art and film they way they are meant to be studied and it would be fantastic.

And while that all seems pretty out there, I think I've always expected my life to turn out this way at some point. Much in the same way that I assume civilization will end within my lifetime. I am wary of anything that extends into the future more than 50 years because I'm highly skeptical that mankind will exist that far ahead.

It's so odd. And it makes no sense. But I honestly believe these things.
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