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Sometimes it takes a different kind of dream to make you smile...

So far I'm enjoying the Oscars immensely.

I adore Javier Bardem and so I'm thrilled that he took home the award for supporting role (particularly because it puts me a little closer to winning the family Oscar pool ($40 pot, I'm psyched).

Also, it was nice to see something go to Sweeney Todd, because it was so fabulous. But me thinks Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter aren't there. Boo. It's alright, Johnny's representing (with Vanessa on arm, bien sûr).

Additionally, Jon Stewart is doing an amazing job.

And scene.

[EDIT: And a big thank you to Tilda Swinton for putting me another step closer to that $40 (and to the BAFTAs for leading me to pick the long shot). The only one standing in my way now is Aunt Judy. Oh's going to come down to Best Actress.]

[EDIT 2: Marion Cotillard was ADORABLE in her acceptance speech. I adore her so much, it makes me really regretful that I hated La Vie en Rose. I'm almost tempted to change the icon on this post to my Marion, but alas...I think it shall remain as it is. I can only use it for about a month out of the year.

Plus, I'm 3 for 3 on the family Oscar pool. Ah, vindication.]
Tags: award shows, movies, sweeney todd, tim burton

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