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-Has it occured to you that you have a problem with trust? -I trust myself implicitly.

I think Faye Dunaway might be one of my favorite (if not my absolute favorite) actress of all time.

She's brilliant and does amazingly unique films. I mean...come on. Chinatown? Network? Bonnie and Clyde?

She's fantastic.

I have the original Thomas Crown Affair on my Netflix queue and I'm ridiculously excited for it. Mmm...Steve McQueen in a non-prisoner-of-war role (shocking!)

Also on the list would have to be Ingrid Bergman, Kate Winslet, and (of course) my lovely Keira. I'm unsure who's a work in progress.

PS - The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) and French Kiss are both currently airing on TV (the CW and WE, respectively).

It's excellent. Plus, it made for good TV while eating dinner (I alternated at commercial breaks). I wish I could continue, but alas...I must return to my thesis. My outline is currently fleshed out to 8 and a half pages (single spaced). After I finish my internet sources, it should be over ten. So theoretically, when I put it into sentence form and double space the whole thing...I could be close to my goal of 23 pages. Technically the due date is next Saturday, but I'm assuming that's a mistake and I'll probably have until a week from Tuesday. Rock.
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