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I was trying far too hard to be what I thought I should be...

So I've made the provisional (and hopefully permanent) decision not to walk at graduation. Basically, I decided by I never went to the bookstore to order my cap and gown (though I would have made the same decision either way).

I plan to call the Registrar's Office at some point to let them know...I don't know if I have to, but I figure it's better than not doing anything.

In fun news, I just watched Center Stage, and now I'm onto Coyote Ugly. Oxygen, you rock.

[Though, as always, I get pissed off with the editing for time, content, language, nudity, to fit the screen, and commercials. I want unedited, widescreen films without breaks...but then I should just put in the DVD.]

Note: It should go without saying, but I adore Maria Bello.
Tags: graduation, movies, school, tv

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