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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: where more Americans get their news than probably should.

Well. I took my History of Prints exam.


There were definitely some questions that I totally knew. And a lot of slides that I recognized. But then again...there were a lot of questions that I had NO IDEA about. And those ones kicked my ass to next Tuesday.

I totally forgot to study dates (or at least the chronology, because we skipped around a ton in class and I ended up getting confused), and specific technique (i.e. 'this artist was the first to use a line that swells and tapers' or 'this artist worked in a softer, pewter plate to create engravings resembling pen and ink drawing' or 'this artist used the burr to create rich, inky lines'). Those were actual questions (paraphrased, of course), and I think I got two of them right, but that last one was a fuck-all question.

So I'm nervous. But I'm really hoping for a C. And I'll know to take note of dates and technique more for the next exam.

But I'm done with that! And it's the weekend! Yay!


In other news, Jason Jones called Mitt Romney a douche bag about 30 times on "The Daily Show." Yet another reason I love "The Daily Show."

And Colbert and Huckabee playing air hockey with a Texas-shaped puck might be the best thing ever.
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