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I can't feel my legs! I have no legs!!

This is merely my near-weekly exclamation that "I love Shootout on AMC."

Yesterday, the show featured their second of two parts taped at Sundance and interviewing people therein. I found particularly interesting a bit with Jack Black and Michel Gondry. While Black seemed a little on-edge and possibly aversive to the interview, his relationship with Gondry was ridiculously cool, like they balanced each other. And I adore Gondry as it is, he's an amazing filmmaker and his Frenchiness doesn't hurt either.

The highlight had to be William H. Macy, though, talking about his role as a producer for the upcoming film The Deal (assume it gets a distribution deal). He was very sensible and insightful, much like I noted from Jon Favreau last week. It was great to hear him talk about producing from an actor's standpoint, though the best thing was when he discussed the ridiculousness of the ratings system when it comes to sex and violence. He noted people can see a woman disemboweled, but can not see her breasts. He further states: "I think sex is good. It's very good. Even when it's bad, it's pretty good. Violence is bad, and it's always's disgusting, I think, that you'll let a 15-year old watch that blood and guts, but he can't watch two people making love. That's sick. I think that some of the people that decide the ratings really need to get into therapy." It's an issue I've taken with the ratings system myself and I appreciated his sentiments against the "puritan, Calvinistic" methods.

Additionally, it was nice to see Amy Redford (daughter of Robert Redford) and Saffron Burrows promoting Redford's directorial debut, The Guitar. Burrows made an interesting point that the lack of female directors may be due to lack of confidence seen in girls as young as 5 or 6 (she cites her mother being a first grade teacher as a source), saying that boys at that age take up 80% of the time and attention in a classroom, leaving girls with less time in the spotlight. Hmm.

Finally, there were some cute soundbits of actors commenting on the swag rooms, including Olivia Wilde (who said she was going into the rooms with a purpose: she needs boots, a scarf, a hat, and a jacket), Dave Annable (who said he was going to try to sleep in the suites), and the best of all: Eric Edelstein who hilariously commented that it was odd to go up and demand free stuff, especially since most people don't know who he is (he's promoting his first major film at Sundance, Good Dick). Edelstein added that free shoes feel better than shoes you pay for and that he doesn't mind looking silly for the cause of free stuff. While having a guy rub some sort of lotion on his face, he was asked "Is that the sort of level of humiliation you'll go through for free things?" He responded: "Yeah, yeah. And so will you. We all will. It's free!"


In other news, I am WAY behind on my thesis work and finding it extraordinarily difficult to concentrate today. Boo.
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