Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity.

I have had some BIZARRE dreams lately, though none of them the epic narratives I usually write about.

This week, I started out with a Juno-esque film in which a pregnant Ellen Page (straight out of Juno) is trying to outrun nuns in the 1950s. See, the nuns disapprove of her unplanned and premarital pregnancy and are trying to abort her baby (because apparently the nuns don't have a problem with abortion? I never said it made sense). Anyway, I'm trying to help her escape while secretly hiding my own unplanned and premarital pregnancy so the nuns don't come after me as well.

Then, after a day at the Animal Kingdom where we saw some killer spiders (literally...poisonous spiders and insects), I had a dream that the spiders and ants were all around me and blocking my way out. Specifically, I was in the Bucket O' Soldiers and a spider or ant occupied every hole. Stupid poisonous bugs.

Finally, (and this one takes the cake, in my opinion) last night I had a dream that Nikki and I were in a gymnasium-type place that was being used for a pretty awesome dance party. I'm pretty sure it was on the University of Wisconsin campus, but that's not totally relevant. Anyway, we notice that "everyone" had left so we're walking around and asking if anyone had seen Amanda or Charlie (apparently we were all kicking it up in Madison), when who should walk in but Amanda, Charlie, Tim Burton, and Helena Bonham Carter. They had all gone to the liquor store and had brought back beer, other drinks, and Charlie had a box of alcoholic popsicles (think: juice bars with vodka...I think I'm onto something brilliant here. Can I copyright?). So we all sat down at a folding table and drank.

That's my dream, I was chilling with Tim Burton and Helena Bonham a gym on the University of Wisconsin campus. Wholly bizarre, but totally awesome!

What kinds of things go through my head? Oh, if only you knew!


Also, because I didn't post this earlier and for some of you, I may be your primary source for movie news, the currently-being-planned Toy Story 3 is set to be released in Disney (Real) 3D, the same way The Nightmare Before Christmas was rereleased, and as the Hannah Montana concert thing is being presented currently. Interesting. If you haven't seen something in Real 3D, it's pretty cool. Definitely more subtle than things popping out at you, they work more with layers of depth, so there may be four levels of background receding into the picture.

As a final note, Sweeney Todd is playing at the cheap theater so I may have to take a break from working on my thesis later to see it for a third time for $2.50.
Tags: disney, dreams, movies, tim burton

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