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But of course! Nothing says "romance" like a kidnapped injured woman!

Thank god this week is done.

I noted on my Facebook comment that I haven't been able to sleep past 9am in the last 11 days, and that on 8 of those days, I was awake by 7:30am.


But it is officially the weekend, so I should get two days to "sleep in." While I'm seriously doubting getting to stay in bed until after 10:30am (my goal), it will be nice to not have to wake up before 7:30am.

The week was long, but good. Disney was fun, though after 4 days of intensive walking, my legs are a bit sore. I got all of my work done, though, and my Geography exam yesterday wasn't as terrible as I imagined and I should definitely get at least a B.

This weekend, I'll be working on my Thesis and getting an outline worked out...which means sifting through my 6 books, 18 journal articles, 17 newspaper articles (and other various internet gatherings), and watching the 4 films I'm using as research and figuring out what I can actually use. Lots of work, but that's all I plan to do (aside from watch the Superbowl).


In other news...

I'm kinda excited that Zac Efron will be starring in Me & Orson Welles, directed by Richard Linklater and set to be released in 2009. It seems a good jumping off point to get away from the High School Musical realm and into some serious work. I hope it's at least somewhat good. Claire Danes is also supposed to be joining the cast, so yay. And I read a synopsis of the book it's based off and it seems pretty interesting. And it's possible the Zac Efron character hooks up ("falls in love") with three different women. Rock. [Though in my mind, I thought it would have been awesome if it were Oscar Wilde instead of Orson Welles, and it was some sort of young, gay love story.]

And Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton had their newest baby in mid-December and according to reports, the baby girl's name is Indiana Rose. Apparently, they have been quiet on the baby's name, because they were expecting a boy and hadn't thought of girl's names.
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