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This kid has you on acid screaming, ''I'm a golden god,'' from a fan's rooftop.

Oh man.

27 Dresses is really good.

Now, it could be that I went in with pretty low expectations. It seemed like a good set-up, but there have been so many "romantic comedies" lately that have just been disappointing, so essentially all I was hoping for were some good shots of James Marsden.

And it was pretty typical...on par (or a little better, in my opinion) than something like The Wedding Planner or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Hopefully it will play all the time on TBS and Oxygen.

In other news, I was RIDICULOUSLY productive today.

Like...Golden God status.

Last night, I wrote my American Cinema paper on immigration in The House of Sand and Fog. Then realized that there were some requirements (like supporting my arguments with social context) that I didn't do at all. So this morning, I doubled the length of my paper by adding all of that in (with scholarly sources to support it). Boo-yah.

After which, I did not one, but TWO webwork assignments for my Geography class. Keep in mind, these take over an hour per assignment to read through the chapters and find all the answers.

Plus, I went to Office Max to buy a binder for my Geography course packet (because my cheap fucking school gives you 100 hole-punched pages with a rubber band around it...and charge you $34 for it).

Then, I went to see 27 Dresses with Anna. And I learned that numbers are alphabetized by how they are written out (for example: 16, 23, 27, 2 is in correct alphabetical order).

Now, I know that I should be either a) watching Earth and Water by Deepa Mehta for my thesis, or b) reading a bunch of articles and research for my thesis so I can start compiling an outline.

But instead, I'm watching last night's "Daily Show." win some battles, you lose some battles. And my thesis is TOTALLY losing out tonight.

(Oh, and I'm still planning on Gasparilla and Alanis Morissette/Matchbox Twenty tomorrow.)
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