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I'm growing tired and time stands still before me, frozen here on the ladder of my life...

A quick, random post:

First off, Brad Renfro, best known for his roles in The Client, Tom and Huck, and Apt Pupil, died this morning at the age of 25.

Second, Johnny Depp donated £1 million to the London children's hospital that treated his daughter last March when her kidneys failed due to E. coli poisoning (if you don't recall, it occurred during filming of Sweeney Todd). Additionally, back in November, he had his Captain Jack costume shipped over from LA and dressed up to lead a 4-hour impromtu storytime for the kids at the hospital.

Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter are said to be matching the donation and Disney will also be donating £10 million. (Keep in mind that the British pound is worth $2, so Depp is donating $2 million, and Disney's putting up $20 million.)

Third, I'm kinda psyched that "American Idol" is back. Though I wish we could get passed the auditions. It's always my least-favorite part.


In non-entertainment news, this is going to be a CRAZY busy semester. Suck.

I'm mostly enjoying my classes. At least while I'm in them. I rarely want to go...and it's only the second week. And I already have a crazy amount of work to do, aside from the thesis. Nuts.

I sent in my absentee ballot for the Florida primary today. Yay!

I think that's it...
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