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Chiquitita, you and I know how the heartaches come, and they go, and the scars they're leaving...

So I didn't get my ass handed to me on a platter, as I'd been expecting.

The amazing and magnanimous Dr. Jody Cutler had agreed to be my faculty sponsor person for my independent research project.

*BIG sigh of relief*

And we've come up with a topic entirely contrary to what I was lately thinking of doing. I knew my idea lacked any thesis possibility (it would have been a straight history paper with a little bit of analysis), and though I was very interested in in, she came up with something new. So now I'll be studying Asian women artists and filmmakers and how they are perceived within their culture, outside their culture, and what influence they've had in the global context.


It should be interesting, but I feel like I'm starting from ground zero in terms of information or ideas. I've recently gotten really into Indian cinema (I attended the South Asian Film Festival at the Enzian this fall), so I'm glad to be able to research it more intensely. I'll probably also focus on women in Islamic art/film, so that should be really cool too.

But I know very little beyond Gurinder Chadha (director of Bend it Like Beckham and Bride & Prejudice), but I definitely won't be using her. I will most likely be using Deepa Mehta and her 2005 film Water, but I've only seen clips of it, so I'll need to rent it and watch the whole thing. As for artists...Dr. Cutler gave me a couple to look in to, and I'll be going to the library tomorrow to look at some books and get a better idea overall.

But. I have a faculty advisor. She'll be emailing my regular advisor so that I can get enrolled in the "course" before Friday (last day for add/drop). And I'm well on my way.

Oh, and my regular advisor emailed me back. After yesterday's accusatory and bordering-on-rude email to me, her tone today was much more sympathetic. I think she finally realized that I wasn't lazy, just completely clueless. Hopefully it will all get sorted out within the next 24 hours, or so.

And I'm spent.
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