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Well, after getting to school at 7am this morning, I finally left at 7:45pm and came home. Ah yes. Home sweet home...and home sweet homework. Blah.

Yeah, so I had Fall Play rehearsal after school, followed by an hour and a half long STUNTS meeting. I love the play, and STUNTS, but all day today, I've had a pounding headache (and it still hasn't gone away. I should really take something). Also, my throat hurts a lot. Like, hurts every time I swallow. I'm getting really sick and it sucks big time.

While doing homework, my parents (well, my dad) installed track lighting over my bed. It's really nice, because the lighting in my room totally sucks. Now I can actually do homework on my bed and see what I'm doing. Yay. While they did that, I was watching Road Rules. I have to say that at the end when the two chicks (I totally just forgot their names) were talking about their families and realizing how much they have in common, I started to cry. It was really awesome.

Now, I'm watching and taping the Making the Video of the On The Line All-stars Video. Not overly impressed, but still. It's Lance and Joey.

"What a boner. Can I say boner?" - Mr. Joseph Fatone Jr. *sigh* Joey...he was making fun of Lance, in case you haven't seen it. In which case, what the hell?

Yeah, so why can't life be simple? Why the hell am I so cursed with concerts. There was the whole Aerosmith during tech thing. Thankfully, Eric is letting me miss tech (which is huge, because I'm a Stage Manager and it's just really essential to be at a tech.) Now, for Britney, it's the same night as the French Honor's Society Induction. It would look incredible on a college application, and all I would have to do would be at that one ceremony and memorize a poem and I'm in. Honestly though, I'm choosing the Brit Concert. The way I've been feeling lately (no initiative to be in *any* class, even the ones I like), I would rather go see Britney and Aerosmith than anything school related.

I'm in such a rut. I honestly don't know how to fix it. I don't want to be here anymore. I don't know if I'd want to college right now (even if that were possible), but I just know that I don't want to be in high school right now. I really shouldn't hate this as much as I do. I like learning. I like classes, I just don't want to be there anymore. Damn it.

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