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Yeah, you’re fucked all right – and all for spite. You can kiss your sorry ass goodbye...


So I sent my advisor an email this morning, because I thought it was odd that I hadn't gotten ANY information about my independent research project (an exit requirement for graduation).

And the email I got back...oh man. I wanted to punch her in the face.

First off, since I was able to register for my Spring classes last April, I haven't been in to see my advisor since then (really no need).

She starts off the email with this: "I haven't spoken with you since April. Are you graduating this Spring? You need to file your intent to graduate now! The deadline was December 3, but luckily for you, we are still accepting intents."

So I panicked and went to fill out my intent online. It specifically prompted me that you can only file an intent to graduate in the term you expect to graduate (so if I want to graduate at the end of spring, I need to fill it out during the SPRING term). I don't know where she came up with the December thing...but myUCF seems to think she's wrong.

Additionally, why would my graduation date change? I will have fulfilled every requirement after this term!

Then! She asks if I'd arranged for a faculty advisor to guide me through the project. But considering I have received ZERO information on this project (other than I have to write a research paper combining my two minors - art history and cinema studies), no...I didn't know that I needed to arrange my own faculty advisor. In my email back to her, I pointed out that I also don't know the style or length requirements, when it is due, or any other requirements.

So I frantically shot off an email to Dr. Cutler (the crazy New Yorker I love and who I had for 20th Century Art and currently have for Theory and Criticism in Art History) to practically beg her to help me out with this. I'm figuring that I have about a 25% chance she'll actually say yes, but I'm going to go into her office hours tomorrow and plea my case. Dear god, I'm panicked that she'll say no and I'll have to find someone else. I don't interact with my professors enough to find someone else who can help me.


Oh, but it's not over yet. She asked if I would have all of my requirements filled, noting specifically film. My response: "I spoke with my film advisor (Laura Trad) who said that the upper-level elective courses listed on the audit are suggestions, but that any 2 upper-level course will fulfill the minor requirements (I have completed 7, so that shouldn't be a problem)."

The entire tone of her email was just accusatory and made me feel like a lazy, unmotivated idiot. I really just wish that someone had told me ANYTHING about my requirements for this major. And perhaps I should have been a little more proactive, but does it really warrant: "I really wish you would have mentioned this before now!"

Oy, it's all just so exhausting. And frustrating.

On the upside, Colleen and I are going to go see P.S. I Love You tonight (I love me some Hilary Swank). And she made me three-cheese tortillini for dinner. Nothing like cheesy pasta to lift one's spirits.

Oh, and classes have been fine so far. This debacle was rather a buzz-kill and made me less enthusiastic about them all. Boo.
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