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It's okay when there's nothing more to say to me...

For those of you who may have been concerned, I am alive and well and keeping busy during this winter break.

Since last I posted, much fun was had in Deerfield. We had a couple nights of bars downtown (one tame, the other...not). A few more movies were seen (The Savages with Laura, National Treasure: Book of Secrets with Zoe, and Sweeney Todd with Zoe, Amanda, and Nikki) and many more people visited (a day with Eric, nonsense with Molly, dinner with Laura, lunch with Pat, and other fine times).

The only downside? I didn't get to do everything I wanted. I had planned to spend an afternoon at the Art Institute (it's practically like seeing old friends), and I missed out on getting together with Caitlin, Whitney, and Carly Schoenstadt. Overall more positives than not, so I guess it all works out.

On Monday, when I flew home, I got to meet up with my brother, his wife, and the baby for breakfast and a Target run so I could give them their Christmas gifts. Then I went to the airport, where I anticipated a 90+ minute delay. Thankfully, the plan took off a mere 30 minutes after it was scheduled and they made up a little time in the air and by the time I got my bags and my sister arrived to pick me up, I wasn't too far off my estimated time of arrival (as I had cushioned the numbers a bit).

We went directly to my parents' house for our big family Christmas (Eve) dinner (which consisted of the 10 permanent Florida residents, plus my cousin Stephanie and sister Fayanne and her husband Brad). It was really nice, because I was able to see all the members of my immediate family that day, except for my nephew Michael, who I'll be seeing this Saturday at Disney.

Christmas morning was nice. I ate breakfast with Emily and Tom at their house, then went to the parents' to open some Christmas presents with the family there. Later on, most of us went to my aunt Bonnie's house for a smaller Christmas-day dinner. It was decent, and quick (thank god).

The past couple days, I've been hanging out a lot with Fayanne and whoever else happens to be around. We've had some awesome games of Scene It, Buzzword, Such & Such, Disney Pictionary, and the most recent addition Last Word. Chris and Zoe also got Mario Party for their DS's, so we've been playing that frequently, too.

It's been a good time. Tomorrow, we'll probably be doing some shopping and I foresee more game-playing. Saturday is Disney to meet up with Michael and his dad, then a mini-baby shower for Fayanne. Sunday, I'll be heading to New York (where I'll be for a week, until the day before classes start). Where does the time go?

[I apologize for the random, and often incorrect, use of commas throughout this post. I usually over-comma-ify everything, so this time I just sort of left most of them out. I hope it's at least coherent.]

I wasn't really going to add this to a journal post because it's a little too personal, and probably tacky to put up on the internet, but it happened so I figured I'd make a note of it for my own future reference. My cat, Cici, had to be put to sleep while I was up in Deerfield. I found out when I landed in Florida on Christmas eve, and I guess they had taken her in the Friday before. She had a tumor growing on her face and it got worse, she was in a lot of pain and could no longer eat. I definitely haven't let myself grieve yet, because there's too much else going on, and I can't really explain how much she meant to me because no one would truly understand how she was there for me through the absolute hardest times in my life.

So that happened and it's going to be hard to deal with because usually when I feel this bad about something, she's the one to make me feel better. Or if I felt this bad and she were far away, I'd wish she were with me. But for now, I'm just trying not to think about it.
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