Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

Deerfield is very cold, but I'm managing. I had forgotten just how much worse it gets at night when the sun goes down and the bit of snow that had melted during the day freezes into treacherously slippery ice and the wind whips in your face with no hope of reprieve.

But I have my thick coat, my hat, my scarf, and my gloves, so I've been managing.

I will be glad to get back to a climate that allows me to wear flip-flops year-round, but I will definitely miss the Chicago area that I really do love dearly.

On the upside of everything, I have been able to hang with Zoe, Charlie, Molly, Nikki, and Becca (so far). Plans to see Eric, Laura, Amanda and most everybody else who is coming into town this weekend are in full swing. So the socializing is going very well and that I will most miss upon returning to the Sunshine State.

Additionally, I have seen Juno and Atonement, both were excellent though Juno inches above Atonement for being hilarious and not heart-wrenchingly depressing. I will most certainly see Atonement again (when it gets to a theater that accepts my free movie voucher...damn you Evanston Century cinema), and if Juno ever makes it down to Orlando, I might even drag a couple roommates to it (they need some more decent movies in their lives).

That's it for now. I must shower and get ready so Zoe and I can head for lunch (I'm thinking Chipotle) and then she has some sort of interview/meeting downtown to which I'll be tagging along. Note to self: bring "Sense and Sensibility" to read.
Tags: chicago, cold, deerfield, friends, movies, weather, winter break

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