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*sigh of relief*

I've been worried for the last couple weeks about my grades. I was doing a lot of "well, I only need a 54% on the final to get a C for the class" sort of thing, but today, I can stop worrying.

My final grades were posted (or at least three of the 4...my Women in Film class has no grade recorded).


I got all A's.

Now, I was expected that for General Anthropology. It wasn't a difficult class, I never got below a 90% on an exam.

But I got an A for 19th Century Art (my first A in a Dr. Martin class). Though I only needed an 84% on the final, I know for a fact that he doesn't curve or add superfluous points, so I definitely earned that A. I knew loving Impressionist art was going to come in handy one of these days.

And most impressive of all: I got an A in Chemistry. If you'll recall, I had some issues with my third exam scantron getting lost, so my final exam grade was going to count double (to replace the missing grade). And, as I had figured out and posted earlier: "I'd need a 94% to get an A, so I'm definitely not holding my breath on that one." So either I did really well or he curved the exam a lot. Either way, I'm just happy that he remembered to use my final grade twice so that I didn't end up with a D for missing an exam.

I'm also kinda expecting an A for Women in Film (I'd be really disappointed with a B), but I'm not sure why she hasn't submitted grades yet. I thought today was the last day to get them in. But I suppose it's still early and I should have a definite grade on that later.

(If it is an A, I think this will be my first 4.0 semester. Granted, it was only 4 classes, but I usually average a 3.67.)

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