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Oh, oh, oh, look at my hair. What 'do can compare with mine today?

First off, I had an entirely fabulous night last night.

Well, it started during the day, actually. Around 2pm, I was done with my chemistry final and feeling awesome. Anna, who also attends UCF, was finished too so we thought it would be cool to do something. There weren't any films out that she and I would both want to see (story of my life, kids) and shopping seemed so boring and passé. So, we collectively came up with the brilliant idea to go to Downtown Disney (the shopping, eating, entertainment area, for those of you not in the know). The best part? It's totally free.

Anna's somewhat of an amateur photographer (some of her work is really stunning, I keep meaning to ask if I can buy a piece off her), so she brought her manual, black and white film camera with and we walked around and enjoyed the Disney-esque atmosphere and hopefully she got some cool candid shots of kids or buildings, or whatever. It was pretty awesome.

After that, we headed back home and Jane, Colleen and the girls from next door, Michelle and Jessica, decided they wanted to play beer pong later. Sweet. I missed out on a game a couple nights ago because I started to feel ill and went to sleep early. But first, Colleen really wanted to rent the movie Waitress. We here in Collegeville are cheap-asses, though and no one wanted to pay $5 at Blockbuster (oh man...I hate Blockbuster so much, it's insane). So, she mentioned that Wal-Mart is supposed to have those DVD rental kiosks where you rent a movie for a $1. Totally awesome. So I went with her to Wal-Mart, where we also bought a bottle of white zinfandel and two bottles of Andre Extra Dry (oh, I'm spreading that shit like wildfire...and everybody loves it).

It turns out that Wal-Marts don't have the kiosks, but Wal-Mart Neighborhood Markets (their grocery chain) do. Well, there are three said Markets in a 5 mile radius from our apartment, so we headed over there. I'm not going to lie...I'm in love with the idea. These redbox kiosks are pretty awesome. They are subject to being sold out of movies (like any rental place), and the selection isn't great yet, but it definitely seems like they are just adding the new titles every week, so the longer they are in place, the better the selection. Sadly for us, Waitress was sold out. However, we did rent Hairspray for a dollar!!!! I know, I know...I own the DVD, I could have waited until tomorrow, when I meet my mother and hopefully she brings it back to me...but screw off, it's $1. I was so excited, I jumped up and down a bit in the parking lot. I'm pretty sure Colleen thought I was off my rocker.

So this redbox thing...I looked it up online after we got back and it's pretty spiffy (FYI - there are none within 20 miles of Spring Hill, FL, but they are at Jewel locations through the Deerfield area and the Wal-Mart on Lake-Cook). And apparently people around Deerfield don't know about them or feel that paying $1 for a movie is too cheap and beneath them, because you can check the titles available online (and reserve one to pick up at a kiosk, a feature I find awesome) and the Jewel in Highland Park by the Toys R Us and the one on Lake-Cook has all the good new releases, including Pirates and Superbad, which were regrettably out of stock at all the ones in the my area...I mean, I own them both, but it was like a litmus test. So cool, you can check availability and reserve it online.

Additionally, and this is just because I'm an uber dork, if you put in a zip code and no redboxes are found, it comes up with a message that says: "Attenzione, achtung and yo! There seems to be something amiss." First off, they use languages not often represented, yet humorous (isn't it a running gag that anything said in German sounds hilarious?). Plus, the word "amiss" is just awesome and we should all use it more.

ANYWAY, so Colleen and I get home to an empty apartment (the girls had gone on a beer run) so we pour some $4 "champagne" and start the movie (because it's still too early for beer pong anyway). It was fabulous and I had to really control myself not to sing ridiculously loud along with everything. The other four girls got home and we all watched and I think they all liked it, or were at least amused. By the end, Anna was swooning every time Zac Efron was on the screen (I don't know what it is about that movie, or that boy, but the combination is LETHAL).

After the movie, because the night wasn't awesome enough, I got into a really great discussion of 20th Century art with Michelle and Jessica (who had taken a 20th C Humanities course). I have an issue occasionally with my roommates because I never feel like I have anything to contribute to their conversations. I'm not going to be a bitch and say that they are shallow or anything, because they definitely aren't, but they aren't the type of people that you can launch into a discussion of Andy Warhol or even stellar cinema. After art, we veered into a discussion of Keira Knightley (I swear to GOD I didn't bring her up, though I was quick to extoll her virtues), we talked about Natalie Portman, had a really good discussion about The Professional and I lent them Closer to watch. We discussed books into movies and how they suck, though I was certain to defend and recommend Pride and Prejudice (as though my life were at stake). It was so ridiculously awesome.

After that, the evening was just sort of all about chatting and drinking. We never did get around to playing beer pong, but I did learn that you can't by 40 oz. beers in Florida. No 40 Hands. The closest you get is 32 oz., but "32 Hands" clearly doesn't sound as cool. Random.

To sum up:
- Downtown Disney
- Wine and $4 Andre Extra Dry
- redbox
- Hairspray
- Discussion of 20th century art and cinema (dear god, that's my senior independent research topic)
- Awesome neighbors



PS - For the record, I used the word "awesome" 9 times in this entry, which evens out to about once a paragraph. I believe that from this analysis, you can conclude that my day yesterday was, in fact, awesome.
Tags: art, disney, hairspray, keira, movies, neighbors, redbox, roommates, wine

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