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I'm done!!!

I have finished for the semester!

Chemistry exam was as I expected. It didn't catch me off guard, but that didn't mean that I was entirely prepared. I think I did okay, though.

And I figured it out: all I need is a 74% to get a B for the semester (I'd need a 94% to get an A, so I'm definitely not holding my breath on that one). But...good chance for a B?

Additionally, I only need an 84% on my 19th Century Art final to get an A for the semester (but I'm not holding my breath for that one either...my money's on getting over a 54% for a B). I might be able to find out tomorrow, if the grades on the final are posted.

The good news: I definitely have a 94% in Anthropology for the semester. Grades are posted online, so that's a done deal. Rock on.


You know what that means?

It's Winter Break!!!


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