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It's going to be exactly like Eurotrip except its not going to suck.

Alright, so I'm terrified as all hell of my Chemistry final (as well I should be, cumulative motherfucker). And I got out of bed early for the expressed purpose of studying more because the exam begins in T-minus 2 hours, 14 minutes.

That said...I really couldn't resist this.

The trailer on the main page is the one we've all seen a million times already (okay, maybe just me), but if you click that lovely little link that said "View Age Restricted Material" you will be in for a treat (beware: it's vulgar and profane and the site makes you sign a thing to verify you're over 17 years of age).

OH, and at the bottom, there are links to download WWNPHD wallpaper. Needless to desktop is currently portraying Neil Patrick Harris on a unicorn. And I love it.

I think that's what I needed to calm down a bit before I get to studying/cramming hardcore. I really do.
Tags: chemistry, finals, movies, nph, school, studying

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