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She packed my bags last night, preflight. Zero hour, 9am. And I'm gonna be high as a kite by then...

I would like it noted that on a single flight from New York to Los Angeles, humans are exposed to as much radiation (in the form of gamma rays) as a chest X-ray*.

By this standard, I will partake in approximately two chest X-rays over the next 32 days. Do you think airport security will let me bring a lead blanket?

I'm beginning to rethink my frequent flyer status...

- The helium we use (for balloons or to make voices sound funny) is a product of alpha particle radioactive decay.
- Hot springs are a product of radioactive decay at the Earth's core.
- And coal power plants give off more radiation than nuclear power plants because we shield the nuclear plants so well, but don't worry about the side effects from the coal plants.

Radioactivity totally creeps me out.

*Source: Conceptual Chemistry textbook.
Tags: chemistry, new york, school, travel, winter break

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