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So I'm not a huge fan of my Chemistry class.

Or, rather, I'm not a huge fan of chemistry (fuck you, sublimation...you don't even make any sense!).

However, I will say this...Conceptual Chemistry is kind of easy when you wrap your head around the concepts. (Ta-da!)

It's kinda like in Biology, when the answer to everything was "surface area to volume ratio" and at first it was just something to rattled off, but then it sunk in and you understood why and how the surface area to volume ratio was important? After that point, everything became a ton easier because you got answers right and actually knew what you were talking about.

Well, taking Conceptual Chemistry is exactly like that. Once you just memorize all the rules and whatever, you can start to understand why they work, and then they are 10 billion times easier to apply to actual test questions.

For example, knowing that atomic size grows as you move to the left and down the periodic table.

Or that heated objects have more energy. It's just sort of a given, but once you understand it, everything else is much easier. Like in the question: "Red-colored Kool-Aid crystals are added to a still glass of hot water. The same amount of crystals is added to a second still glass filled with the same amount of cold water. With no stirring, which would you expect to become uniform in color first: the hot water or the cold water?"

The answer is the hot water because it contains more energy in water with a high temperature and therefore the particles are moving faster.

So, now I just have to memorize the thousand other rules so that I can grasp the concepts

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