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She's one of those Florida chicks who looks like an old Coach bag.

Another reason to love Kathy Griffin?

She's scared of Southerners too!

(Yes, I'm still watching her stand-up routines. There were like...5 in a row that I TiVo'ed and I can only watch one a day, because I'm supposedly studying for finals...)

PS - The 19th Century Art final was okay. Definitely not as easy as I was hoping, but if I manage an 86...I think I could get an A for the course. Which would be AMAZING and a grand improvement over my C in Italian Renaissance Art class.

And now...studying for my crazy ass Chemistry final. If you'll recall from earlier drama, my final will be counted twice (to make up for a lost exam three scantron). It's also cumulative (all 11 chapters we've covered), and 60 questions (instead of the usual 30).

Tags: comedy, finals, school, stand-up, tivo, tv

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