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-How can you read this? There's no pictures! -Well, some people use their imagination.

There are too many "Rousseau"s in Art History. Moreover, there are too many Rousseaus (or perhaps Rousseaux) in 19th Century Art History.

There's Théodore Rousseau, the French Barbizon landscape artist.

Henri Rousseau, a self-taught artist known for his vibrant dreamscapes.

And Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a philosopher and writer whose works and theories influenced 18th and 19th century art.


Additionally, I'm super intrigued by the Amazon Kindle and I can see how it would be really cool to have.

However, like any new technology, I'll definitely be waiting for version 2.0, or whatever. Not only because I don't have $400 to spare right now, but also because I can see some features that I would expect to find and aren't yet available. A stylus or trackpad, for one. Color capability (though that might be a while down the road...I mean, iPods were black and white for several years) for highlighting and image purposes. The ability to transfer the books purchased to a computer (preferably in .pdf format).

I think the interface is extremely advanced, but possibly less impressive when viewed next to palmtop computers, which can do all that and more. I do hope this thing takes off, though. It's a really brilliant invention.
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