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You are the sharpest knife, you are the finest blade...

So I watched Kathy Griffin's new comedy special "Straight to Hell" and I realized something rather brand of humor is very much like Kathy Griffin's (though I would hope slightly less acerbic).

Even her bit about going 'straight to hell' is directly out of my comedic routine from high school. And the way she tells it like she sees it (especially when it comes to celebrities), I admit somewhat hesitantly, could come directly from my mouth.

I hope that I'm not quite as bitchy or offensive as she sometimes is...but I fear that behind closed doors, I'm often as bitchy and offensive. Oy.

I do like Kathy Griffin, though. If you happen to catch "Straight to Hell" on Bravo, I recommend watching it.

In other news, on my schedule for today:
- Clean my room. It's disgusting (by my standards)
- Clean my bathroom (it's not so hot either)
- Write my final critique for Women in Film
- Possibly start studying for Anthropology and Chemistry

Lofty goals, n'est-ce pas?

PS - there's a "Project Runway" season three (Jeffrey/Laura/Uli/Michael) last episodes mini-marathon on Bravo. I'm so there. Also, I kinda miss Jeffrey. He was a bit of an asshole and a jerk and not as funny as Santino (the asshole/jerk from season two), but he was a truly superior designer.
Tags: bravo, comedy, project runway, stand-up, tv

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