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Gee, I wish I had a three-year old so I could win every argument.

So today was quite excellent.

It started bright and early at 9:10am when Anna knocked on my door and said I had 20 minutes to get ready to go tailgating. While I was ready by 9:30, we still ended up waiting on Colleen and Jessica (from next door) and didn't get out of the apartment complex until 10:15. Oh well.

Tailgating was sort of a bust. And it's really more like picnic-ing (or so I joked). While some people hung out in parking lots...they are so small and numerous that it's impossible to get a really big "tailgating party" feel. However, we have a large strip of grass we call "Memory Mall" on which hundreds of tents were set up with alcohol, grills, music, football, and other such nonsense. Nothing like ribs and burgers at 10:30am. We met up with Jessica's boyfriend, but there wasn't really anything to do and we didn't have alcohol, so we moved on and patronized the on-campus Barnes & Noble to pick up festive black and gold pom-pons, and Starbucks.

We then set out to scalp us some tickets (question: is scalping only the action of the seller, or is the buyer also scalping? In this context, we were buying), and got a super incredible deal. We bought 3 tickets valued at $40 a piece...for $25. Total. So...a $95 discount. Not shabby.

And the game rocked. It was the Conference USA championships in which we played Tulsa (which spells "a slut" backwards). It started out a pretty even match, we were neck-and-neck through the first half. The second half came around, though, and we kicked their asses 44-25. Schweet. So, we're division champions and on our way to the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, TN where we'll be playing LSU. I'm predicting a loss, but division champs is good. It's our first title ever in our first season in our own stadium. Pretty awesome. Oh, and our running back is right behind Barry Sanders for single-season rushing yards (2,448, compared to 2,628). Go Kevin Smith. Here's to getting 180+ yards in the Liberty Bowl.

After the game, we were famished and for whatever reason, Anna decided she really wanted to go to Hooters and none of us had ever been, so we got some wings and burgers and had a lovely and filling meal. We actually ended up sitting at a table next to three guys from the UCF football team. I have no idea who they were (they didn't have numbers on their backs, and a commentator running a play-by-play, as per usual), but it was cool none the less.

Since then, I've caught up on most of my backlogged TiVo (two episodes of "Project Runway" and an entire week of "Ellen"), while Anna has been passed out on my bed. She's going on 5 and a half hours, only gaining consciousness for about 3 minutes over the entire time. But she has a nasty habit of pulling all-nighters (or multiple all-nighters), so she probably needs the sleep.

Colleen thinks it's hilarious.

BTW - Anderson Cooper stated that he was obsessed with "My Super Sweet 16" and "Tiara Girls" when he was on "Ellen." There's no way he's straight. I'm surprised he didn't cite "Project Runway" as one of his favorites.

(Also, when she had Joey Fatone on, she brought out JC Chasez and had them play "The Singing Bee" against one another. It was pretty damn cute.)
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