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Hold on to what you've been given lately, hold on to what you know you've got...

So today is my last day of health insurance through my daddy.

I sent in my enrollment a few weeks ago, and I noticed that the check I sent has cleared. But mommy says she hasn't received my policy or insurance cards in the mail.

So my question is this: Does the insurance company having my money necessarily mean that I am covered?


In other news, my school stuff is kinda cleared up.

I met with my Chemistry professor this morning (he's not as intimidating in person, thank god) and we couldn't find my scantron. So he said that he would take my grade from the final and substitute it as the exam three grade. Which makes me a little nervous, because the final is cumulative and now it's counting twice (added pressure, much?)

Additionally, I got more accomplished this morning before 10am than I have all week.

After meeting with my professor, I went to Target and spent over $100 in beauty, hair care, and cleaning products (make-up is so ridiculously expensive...$10 for powder?). Then, I hit up McDonald's for some breakfast. Mmm...hash browns.

Which leads me to my next accomplishment: I decided what to do about my Spring schedule.

When it all came down to it, the most important thing was for me to keep my American Cinema class. And if I had rearranged my Tuesday/Thursdays to include the 7:30am Geography class, the only art history class I could take would be Art of the Last 25 Years, which sounds pretty awesome, but it's with the same professor I have for Theory and Criticism in Visual Arts...and I don't like doubling up on professors in the same semester.

So I caved and picked up a Monday/Wednesday/Friday class. With Dr. Martin (whom I adore, but whose classes are quite difficult). But it's History of Prints, and I've wanted to take it. Further, it's at 8:30am, which means I'm going to have to wake up at 7:30am four times a week, but then on MWF, I'm done at 9:30 and have a world of possibilities open to me. Like today, I am far more productive in morning hours, and once I'm up, I'm awake for the day (no "coming home and going back to sleep"). This will be especially helpful since I'll have to work on my "directed independent research" project so I'll have plenty of motivated time to research and what-have-you.

And at least I'll be done at 9:30am on Fridays? It's kinda like an extended weekend, though not the 4 days to which I was looking forward.


So yes.

Insurance? Possible check.
Chemistry? Check.
Spring schedule? Check.

And tonight, I'm meeting my sister at EPCOT to see the Candlelight Processional as narrated (in person) by Neil Patrick Harris.

That's right. NPH in the flesh and at Disney. It's going to be legen--wait for it--dary!

To add to the awesomeness, I'm watching a made-for-TV Lifetime Christmas movie starring NPH, Naomi Watts (as a saucy redhead), and Debbie Reynolds (The Christmas Wish). Perfect.
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