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If I lay here, if I just lay here, will you lie with me and just forget the world...?

To date (including this semester), I have taken 121 class hours.

Damn. That's a lot of class.

It comes out to 40 courses, plus a 1-credit choir. I'm half-tempted to list them all here...just because saying 40 classes doesn't quite have the same impact as seeing 40 different and individual courses.

And next semester, I have 4 more courses and my "directed independent research" project. (I'll graduate with 136 credit hours.)

Or rather...I should have 4 more courses. I checked my Spring schedule today and one of my art history classes (20th Century Latin American Art) had been dropped (the professor who was supposed to teach it didn't return this year). Thankfully, it was only an upper-level elective credit, so there are a few other classes I can take instead. It would have been nice if they had notified me in some way, though.

Additionally, my last chemistry exam apparently got lost or wasn't graded or was eaten/whatever, so I emailed my professor this morning to find out what's up with that. Dear god, I hope I don't have to retake it. Or worse, he doesn't believe that I took it, doesn't let me retake it, and I get a 0 (we only have 4 test grades that factor into a final grade, and I only got an 83 and a 90 on the other two).

So it hasn't been an awesome day as far as school bureaucracy goes, but it hasn't brought me down too much. I can hopefully enroll in a new art class (preferably a Tuesday/Thursday class, because I was really looking forward to my 4 day weekends) and with any luck, my Chemistry professor will find my scantron and run it.

Though I should meet with my Interdisciplinary Studies advisor, because my independent research isn't showing up on my schedule, and I thought it would by now. And I'm kinda freaking out because I don't know what I'm going to write about. But I should shower and get to class, so I'll worry about it later.
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