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Yes, I should be doing Physics....wanna make something of it???

In all actuality, I *really* should finish because he said he would be checking it. The last two assignments I only had partially done, so I think he's going to start getting suspicious. Oh well, he can deal. I'll scribble some numbers and formulas in random places and call it good.

If I'm not going to finish homework, I should go to bed. However, I will not be doing this. I will instead be watching Roadie Chefs and getting terribly excited for the Making the Video All-Stars On the Line extravaganza something-or-other thing tomorrow. Yay puppies.

In a related topic, the Teen People rocks! Dirty puppies...*SQUEE*

I have a STUNTS board meeting tomorrow, which means after I'm don with rehearsal at 6, I get to sit in a meeting from 6:15 to 7:45. Hey, I might get home by 8. *sigh* I'm so not in the mood for this. I'm about ready to drop all my classes. If I don't detest them (like I do physics and calculus), I just no longer want to be in them (like English and French). I might keep on US History for the rest of this semester. Chorus and Theater can stay, Outdoor Adventure too. The rest can go bury themselves under a tree and stay there. Forever. So much lack of enthusiasm, inspiration, and initiative. Damn. And I have 5 days of school in a row. The past two weeks, I've had days off for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Nothing this week. At least next Monday is Columbus Day. 3 Day weekend. Something to look forward too, I guess.

In more cheerful news, I am the proud new owner of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on DVD (thanks Ci!!) and the Staind CD - Break the Cycle. It's very good. If you've been thinking about buying it, and are hesitant, go for it. I adore Fade, Outside and Been a While, and the rest of the CD is just as fantastic. Very happy with my purchase today.

Also good news. On my chorus candy/nut fund raiser, I raised $430, which means that $215 go into my account, along with the other $90 that I have. Whoo-who! $300 toward LA! That's so good. After citrus, I might have around $400, which means the trip will be about half paid for. It's so fantastic! I'm extraordinarily excited! Yay!

Yeah, so Roadie Chefs is going to be on soon, and I have to fake my Physics homework. Ta ta for now!!!

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