Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

The wind is playing in the trees, kicking up confetti leaves...

I'm a little pissed.

I'm at my sister's house, which doesn't have high-speed internet, so I usually steal wireless from one of her neighbors.

I used that same wireless network last night, but this morning, when I went to get my Alanis/Matchbox tickets at 10am when they went on sale...I couldn't connect to that network. At one point, it prompted me for a password. My free internet could be gone forever!

Alas, I did find a network that I haven't seen here before, and it has a very weak signal, but it's what I am on now, and I was able (2 and a half hours late) to get tickets...not very good ones (nothing was available on the floor, or in the front of any sections). But two still cost me $150 with taxes and convenience charges, and I probably should have just gone down to the St. Pete Forum to get them this morning, but I didn't anticipate such a rush. I mean...I can appreciate that neither Alanis nor Matchbox has had a huge popularity in the last 6 years (though I clearly still love them).

Oh well. I have tickets, and that's the important thing.

In other news, I'm dog sitting today. So far, it's been pretty good. Lucky sleeps a lot, so it's usually pretty quiet. But he and the cats still have huge issues (as expected), and I'm mostly useless when it comes to all that. I don't really know how to deal with dogs...I've never had one and the longest I've ever spent alone with a dog is probably 3 hours. So today...Lucky and I have 8 quality hours.

Also, I love getting time alone with the digital cable. I'm currently watching a show called "Art and the City" on Ovation (a channel devoted to art and film...hi, where have you been all my life?). The show is really awesome, and especially the episode I'm currently watching, which takes place in Chicago. The next is "Paris," so I am quite at my leisure.

I can't wait to back to Chicago for Winter Break...too bad flights are getting more and more expensive by the day. I might have to take my first non-nonstop flight. That's right...I've NEVER had a layover. They scare me. I don't want to miss a flight and I hate the idea that if one flight is running late, I might miss my connection. But alas. If it saves me $200, who am I to argue?
Tags: alanis, art, concerts, dog, matchbox twenty, music, tv

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