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-But she doesn't like him. I thought she didn't like him. -So did I, so did we all.

So I mentioned it a bit ago about the new two-disc set for Pride and Prejudice. I was kinda assuming they just added a disc and slapped some new packaging on it, but since it's on sale at Best Buy this week for $15...I figured it was worth it.

But oh man.

It's so much more.

Aside from a second DVD filled with bonus features including a lot of historical insight to 19th century England and Jane Austen's world (for the geek in us all) get a copy of the FULL film soundtrack (which I've been wanting for ages because it's absolutely incredible...a $14 value), a 64-page mini-book (the size of a DVD case) filled with production photos, sketches, quotes from the writer, director, and actors about the process and their characters, PLUS, a free movie ticket (up to $10.50) for Atonement.

Essentially, even if you don't care about all the extra bonus features, or the's cheaper to get this right now at Best Buy than to buy the CD and Atonement movie ticket separately.

Oh, it's SO worth it.
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