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So yesterday I was supposed to have a Chemistry exam. All 400+ of us students went to class, had our Scantrons out and were waiting patiently for the tests to be distributed. And then they were...except that over 100 of us didn't receive an exam.

So my professor postponed the test until Thursday's class, which sucks because I wanted to get it over with already. (This is an important fact, keep it in mind.)

Last night, a bunch of us (two roommates and four neighbors) went to Ale House for dinner and beer...which was really good. Then we chilled for a while at home, played some flip cup and the girls got ready to go out (it takes me about 10 minutes to "get ready" so we were really just waiting on the glamourous ones). Afterward, we went to Devaney's...which was less fun. It was still pretty good, but I regretted all the drinking when I woke up this morning. But I'm feeling better now.

And tonight, against my better judgement, Colleen and I are going to see Dane Cook downtown. It's against my better judgement because tickets (with taxes and parking and everything included) are going to be about $65. Not quite pocket change. Also, if you'll recall from earlier...I have a Chemistry test tomorrow that I really need to study more for.

However, Colleen is REALLY looking forward to it. She's a huge Dane fan and said she literally called every person in her cell phone and no one want to go with her, and I can't let her down by bailing out now.

Plus, I do love lot. And Dane Cook is quite funny, though I've only seen one of his DVDs. So money aside, poor judgement aside, Chemistry test aside...I'm going to see Dane tonight.

As a final note, I wasn't planning on returning to Spring Hill until next week for Thanksgiving, but it looks like I'll be heading out there this weekend because my sister Emily just acquired a puppy. I say "acquired" because it was found in the parking lot of her work, and she took it home. So I think I'll be going out there and playing with the puppy (and presumably help take care of him while they are at work).

Isn't he adorable? (And cell phones take some pretty amazing pictures)
Tags: bar, class, dane cook, neighbors, roommates, stand-up

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