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AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *wipes tear from eye* AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

So apparently I got the issue of Teen People in the mail yesterday and never knew it. The injustice of it all! Anyway....I'm going to give you all a peek at the first paragraph of the article, so you can anxiously await your own copy.

"The 'NSYNC guys think it's funny to say really gross things in front of me because they know Teen People can't print them. I've got pages of notes, all great stuff, and I've got to throw them away. There's sex jokes and bathroom humor and cracks about each other's penis sizes, and they won't knock it off because they know the dirtier they get, the less chances I can use it. Chris Kirkpatrick is wearing a shirt with a message I can't even hint at, other than to say it details a physical desire for obese women. They can be as bad as they want to be and I am helpless to stop them."

Show of hands, who is now going to search frantically for this guilty pleasure, and more so, who wants to see the pages of notes he had to throw away? *waves own hand wildly* Bad puppies are the best puppies of all!

Wait! One last tidbit, then that's it, no more. I leave you with this.

When I ask Chris what JC's girlfriend, Bobbie Grund, does, Chris says, "I think she's a professional girlfriend."


Afterward, to give a sense of both the player hating and his love for the artsy stuff, JC says, "They were making fun of me this one time--"
One time?" Justin asks. "We make fun of you all the time"

AHHHHH! a slasher's dream come true in the next paragraph, but I promised no more. Get it for yourself. Indulge. This is fantastic!

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