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Kathy, I'm lost, I said, though I knew she was sleeping. I'm empty and aching and I don't know why.

Oh man.

Bravo's running a "Project Runway" marathon and it's making me SUPER excited for the new season starting this Wednesday.

The greatest thing about "Project Runway" is that you can watch the exact same episodes over and over again and it never gets old. I've definitely seen all of season two at least twice...and watching it now for a third time is still fabulous.

Also...I get days off of school so infrequently that I feel like I'm playing hooky. I keep thinking I should hurry up and get back to Orlando in time for 19th Century Art, but alas...there is no art history today.

I am excited to only have 4 days of school this week, though. And only three days next week before Thanksgiving. Tomorrow, I have a Chemistry test, and a critique for Women in Film due. But after that...I'm done until my finals start December 2. Thank god.
Tags: project runway, school, tv

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