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So since last I updated, I amended the apartment situation slightly. Instead of the 2bd/1ba, we upgraded to a 2br/2ba, for a whopping $15 more a month.

For 50 cents more a day, I get a bigger room (11x13 instead of 10x11), a walk-in closet, and my own bathroom. Yes, please.

Additionally, I was able to get a move-in date of Thursday, July 31st, instead of Sunday, August 3rd.

So I'm feeling more positive about the whole thing (and it's a good thing, too, as I'll be moving in a week).

Plus, my social life has been thriving as well. On Monday, I went to Jeremiah's for chicken, beer, and Eddie Izzard (along with Josh and Giancarlo). I ended up crashing at his place, because it got late and it's significantly closer to work. The downside was that I still only got 4 hours of sleep.

And then after work yesterday (while already sleep-deprived), I joined up with Javi, Karen, and Josh for some fun at the Magic Kingdom. We had dinner and did a few rides (Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor, Space Mountain, Jungle Cruise, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Philharmagic), and left at park close (midnight). I only got 4 hours of sleep last night, too.

However, that all meant that today at work kinda sucked. I was tired and so my safaris were subpar. And it rained really hard at the end of the day, and I got soaked and was miserable. It was a really bad way to end the work week, but the upside is that it is now my "weekend."

So now I'm drinking a glass of wine and vegging out in front of the TV. Fantastic. I need a nap. Or to get to bed early. I'm guessing the latter will happen very soon.

Tomorrow, I need to pack (hard core). Then, on Friday I'm going with my aunts to Epcot (I'm getting them in for free with my Main Entrance Pass, and in return I'm getting free food and drinks all day). Then it's back to the grindstone with work on Saturday. Ugh.

What if I bleed, what if I break, and I find that I can't take the city below the citadel...?

So Colleen and I just applied for an apartment and there's about a 90% chance that we'll actually be approved for this one.

While you'd think I'd be relieved to finally get this taken care of, since our current lease is up in exactly 17 days (yeah, we're cutting it close), I'm not so excited.

A) It's more expensive than I can afford (and I've told Colleen that. Since she's getting the master bedroom, we decided it was fair for her to pay more in rent. Also, she's the reason we're stuck within 5 miles of UCF, which is uber expensive).

B) We are required to get renter's insurance (I'm not opposed to this, it's just more money that I don't have).

C) It only has one bathroom. I haven't had to share a bathroom since December 2004 and I have a lot of shit and I shed a lot, and I get really creeped out by other people's hair (and sometimes my own).

D) It does not have a washer and dryer. We'll either have to use the community laundry room (I assume it's coin operated), or buy a washer and dryer. I do laundry every two days because I only have two pairs of costume shorts currently (costuming is out of just about everything for safaris). So when I get home at 9pm on a random Tuesday night, I'm going to have to go to the coin-operated laundry, and I won't be able to just switch the wash into the dryer and leave it overnight and get it in the morning, like I usually do. I'll have to stay up for 45 minutes later. Because clearly I'm getting too much sleep at the moment (please note the sarcasm, I'm ridiculously overtired at this point). The alternative is putting $600 toward a washer and dryer.

E) Our new lease would start on the same day that our current lease ends, and I have to work that day. So I either need to give away the shift, or call in sick (for a full point on my record card--my first), and move everything that I own on one day. The slight upside is that it's a Sunday, so I should be able to get at least my parents to come and help me.

F) It's unfurnished (as all of them have been). However, recall that I only have one day in which to move all my belongings, and I would also need to somehow come up with at least a bed and probably a dresser on said day.


Who knew that actually finding an apartment would suck more than looking for one?
I've Sure Enjoyed the Rain

I'm getting old and I need something to rely on...

Two posts in one day when I haven't been on here at all in like...a month? Well aren't you folks lucky?

(Though I suppose technically, it's not the same day as it is just past midnight here, but who needs that distinction?)

Today was odd. I was in an almost introspective, though trying not to be mood. I was quite accomplished. I stopped by Waterford Pointe to pick up my refundable deposit (since we were rejected for that apartment), then I stopped by Waterford East to ask them to stop badgering me with phone calls and to send me back my refundable deposit (since we were also rejected for their apartment). Then I went to the bank to redeposit the aforementioned money from the Pointe.

Annoying as hell, but it's over with.

Then I went down to the Fossil Outlet on I-Drive. I was intending to have them change out the battery in my watch (which died a few days ago). But it cost $18, and my watch is very scratched and starting to get foggy on the inside (and I've already replaced that battery twice). So instead I bought myself a kick-ass new watch for $40 (retail price: $75). Good deal and I love it already.

On the way back to the car I headed toward the Coach Outlet. I knew I shouldn't have. I knew before I walked into that store that I would be leaving with a new Coach bag, and (like Oedipus) I followed my self-fulfilling prophesy to a T. Now, a few weeks ago, I was at the regular Coach store, just to drool, but sadly, nothing popped out or really appealed to me in the least. But the outlet had a bag that I had ogled last season. A hobo bag with pink and magenta Cs and a leather strap. Retail: $280. I paid $150.

Now, I know that I'm broke and that was probably irresponsible, but my justification is that it's a graduation gift to myself. Or from my family. I haven't spent any of the money I received, so I figured I should. Because it would be sad if all my gift money went to bills and food.

So new Fossil watch and new Coach purse and I was feeling a million times better (because I have a bit of a shopping addiction and spending large quantities of money at stores makes me feel better. My DVD collection alone has gotten me out of more ruts than I can count on both hands).

A little later in the day, I also went to Old Navy. I needed to pick up something pink for the Steel Magnolias party (we were required to wear two shades of pink). I got a magenta tank and a pink and white striped short-sleeved sweater and wore them together with my plastic pink bead necklace. It wasn't as clashy as it would seem (and I had a gift card to put toward the outfit).

The dinner and a movie night was good. As predicted, I was the only girl amidst five gay guys (three guys from work and two boyfriends) and it was lovely. We even had jambalyah for dinner, and a red velvet armadillo cake (to go with the theme). There are tentative plans to do something similar for Drop Dead Gorgeous. Fantastic.

At this point, I have shed most of my funk and feel oddly content. Alright.

However, I have work tomorrow at 7:45am, and I need to shave my legs (so that adds about 10 minutes to the morning routine), and so I must be off to bed.
Vino veritas

It's not what good girls do, not how they should behave...

So this post is mainly for Zoe, if she ever actually checks this, as she promised. (The rest of y'all can play along, too.)

Tonight was supposed to be "Game Night" but sort of fell flat. We really only had three people come the entire night (one from Colleen's work, one from my work, and our neighbor), so games weren't really plausible. We did have a good game of Drinking Jenga going...now that's a good way to get fucked up fast.

I couldn't help thinking at the end that it would have been far more fun with people from home. Like my friend from work, Jeremiah, who would have been much more at home with a whole lot of you folks from the Deerfield area, rather than the more college-y types from down here. But we did kick ass at a game of Cranium (clearly, we're both the artistic, intellect-based types).

Tomorrow night, I'll be heading to another co-worker's house for a Steel Magnolias party. I'm fairly certain I'll be the only female there, and frankly, I think I'll like that a little more. I can chill out and relax with a few of the gay guys (including the aforementioned Jeremiah) and have a good night of it all. I might even bring the leftover salsa and apple dip, since it was far too much for 5 people. I'm glad I didn't decide to buy cheese and crackers, too. That would have been way too much.

Well, I think that's it for now. It's late and I'm tired, but I might try to update tomorrow night or Saturday after work to give an update on the rest of my "weekend."

PS - we have no apartment or prospect thereof. It's getting to critical mass time and I'm concerned, but trying not to worry too much about it. I hate apartment hunting, almost as much as I hate my huge student loan bills. This is ridiculous.
Daily Show - My News is Funny

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My life:

Work. Eat dinner. Watch "Daily Show/Colbert Report." Sleep.


Literally. That's it.

I wake up at 6am (usually), get ready for work by 7am, when I leave to drive down to Disney. I typically start at 8:15am.

10 hours, three to four breaks, and one lunch later, I clock out sometime between 7pm and 8:45pm.

It's a little intense, but it's all good.

In other news, the apartment hunt is still sucking and I'm 60% sure I'll be living on the streets come August 3rd.
HP - Rita - Reporting with Style

With revelations like this...McCain could turn out to be our first straight, white, male president.

It's been a while since I've posted.

Things are decent. This weekend, I was up in Wisconsin/Northern Illinois for my cousin's wedding. The wedding itself was fine enough. The open bar was nice. But seeing the family was amazing. I miss spending time with everyone so much. And I generally get to see my siblings and their families at the very least every 6 months (which is fairly frequent, all things considered).

It was hard to leave, but we do have a tentative plan to have a big family vacation (all 14 of us...or more, depending) at Disney in the summer of 2010. So that's something to look forward to. And it's only two years away...that's been than the three years that it had been since we were all together prior to this weekend.

The job is still going well. Today was a little off, but I still have an amazing job and the pros outweigh the cons. So good.

And, including today, I'm working for 9 days straight (and working about 102 hours over the next 10 days).

In other news, I'm getting semi-obsessed with Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I'd say the target audience is 8th-11th graders, but I'm enjoying it.
Pennies for a rainy day

Side effects may include testicular myopia, warlock hump, and Scrappy Doo-ism.

The government took $93 of my hard-earned money this week.


I don't necessarily mind the "withholding." That could come back to me at some point.

It's the Social Security. I wouldn't mind giving that up, except that the chances of there being a Social Security from which I stand to benefit 40 years from now is nearly non-existent.

I know, I know. It all goes a little bit against my democratic-socialist ways...but I worked hard for that money (52 hours in 6 consecutive days). And I know that the government isn't using it for the things I'd actually want it to be.

PS - I fucking love overtime. I am all about the overtime. Please, schedule me for more than 8 hours a day and/or a 6th day in the week. (Better yet...all seven days. The 7th day in a week is DOUBLE time. Mmm...)

When all is said and done, it does just feel good to get a steady paycheck. I hope I can keep making this much money per week. Particularly if the gas prices keep rising (which I believe they will).


In additionally awesome news, I will be leaving a week from Saturday to see my whole family. I can't even tell you how psyched I am!
Ellen - cute (AmEx)

There is no difference in what we're doing in here that doesn't show up as big as it does out there.

A few random, short things:
- I am deeply saddened by Sydney Pollack's passing. I really, truly adored that man; he was exceptional.
- It's possible that I love Phil Collins more than is entirely normal.
- Work sucks the energy out of me, but it's so much fun and the people are really great (especially now that I'm socializing more).
- My paycheck on Thursday is going to ROCK. Hard core.
- California overturning the ban on gay marriage rocks even more hard core. Small steps.
- I still love Alanis Morissette. So very much.
- My BFF is engaged to be married. So very weird.
- Policies and Republicanism aside, I think John McCain is a really good guy (and he has some AMAZING people on his staff who are steering him in all the right directions).

Alright...I can't think of anything else and I'm sleepy, so I'm going to watch a little TV before hitting the hay. I have to wake up at 5:10 tomorrow morning, so I can get to work by 7:15am. I work until 8pm...that's a 12-hour shift. Ouch.
Alice - (you're all mad!)

-Klinger, I want you out of that dress tonight! -Never on a first date, sir!

Long time, no update.

Not since I got hired, in fact.

Since then, it has been a very busy week. I had two orientations, the first was all about the company and general policies, etc. The second was specific to Animal Kingdom, we learned about the park, the mission statements, etc. and took a tour which included a safari ride...the first of many I have been on in the past 5 days.

Thursday was my first day of actual on-the-job training. Among other things, I got to drive one of those HUGE trucks around the parking lot a couple time. It's gigantic. (To refresh your memory, this is the truck.) We (the other trainee and I) also rode along while our trainer did a lap around the trail and showed us the spots where you have to go slower or faster, or turn sharper, or be careful not to hit a curb. It all sounded very complicated, and I came home feeling overwhelmed and a little terrified.

Friday, my second day of training, started with us taking a truck out to the actual trail (specifically, me driving the truck down the backstage roads and getting it onto the ride path). Then, I got to drive the actual ride path. It was scary, but not terrible. I didn't hit any curbs. Then the other trainee and I switched and she took her turn. She did hit a curb and it threw her off a bit, she was saying that she didn't think she wanted to work the safari anymore. We each got to go around again and I did better at the wide turns, though there are still a few parts that I'm not great at navigating. The second time the other girl went around, we had an animal stop (the white rhinos were on the move) and I think that scared her a little, too. Those animals get within inches of the truck and they are very much wild. I think it's cool, she got nervous.

Later in the day, we went over some of the "land positions" (the stroller parking people, the Fastpass distributors/takers, the people who tell you what row to stand in when waiting for the truck). We even got to work a bit on the departures assist--the people who signal to the truck to stop at the departure point (there are 2 different options), open/close the gates to load passengers onto the truck, close the doors on the truck, get the drivers water (if they need it), and clear the trucks for departure when everyone is seated and the path ahead is clear. It's a LOT to do in a span of about 90 seconds, but I really got the hang of it after a few minutes.

We were warned that tomorrow, the third of five days of training, will be the most intense yet. It doesn't seem possible, because I still have trouble remembering all the things there are to do at any given time. This job is multi-tasking to the max, at every position. But I think tomorrow, we're really going to be concentrating on driving WHILE we spiel (there is a script to learn, with "radio interruptions" that come on automatically when you drive over a sensor, so you have to learn where those are all hidden, and be able to speak the lines before the radio transmission gives its second line). Additionally, we have to learn facts about 34 different animals and be able to find them, identify them, and spiel them, while driving the ridiculously complicated trail, AND making sure that the "show spacing" between trucks is good.


So it's kinda a tough job in the beginning. I can see how it will all become second nature after a while. For now, it's crazy complicated and seems impossible. But it's pretty damn fun. So hopefully tomorrow won't be as terrible as we've been warned it will be. And hopefully I'll spend enough time today memorizing facts about animals and the script.


In other fun news, I "slept in" this morning until 7:30. I'd complain, but it's an hour and a half later than usual.

So naturally, I decided to be uber productive and get some grocery shopping done. I went to Publix and spent $62.81, which is all the more impressive when you discover that I saved $36.87. That's right...the total would have been $99.68, except that they had some CRAZY good Buy One-Get One sales, including Tombstone pizzas (which cost $5.49 each) and Ritz Bits Peanut Butter sandwiches snack packs (12 little bags that I use as "breakfast" and cost $5.99 each). So I saved 37%...good deals.

And all this (with the exception of perhaps a $12 trip in a couple weeks for bread, milk, etc.) will last me a month. I rock.


That is all. I'm going to make some lunch, watch some TV, and then devote my afternoon to memorizing spiel. Oy.
Tequila Sunrise

Did you just say, and I'm quoting here, that Canadian Thanksgiving is the "real Thanksgiving"?

First off in the awesome news, I'm watching an episode of "Murder, She Wrote" featuring a very young Neil Patrick Harris. Je s'adore.

Second, today was pretty awesome because I spent it at Epcot in celebration of Cinqo de Mayo. We lunched at Mexico and drank at nearly every other country. Lovely.

Third, both my birthday and my half-birthday are holidays. Like, real ones...not "Sweethearts' Day" or "May Day." Who else can say that? Neither are American holidays, though...damn.

[For the curious, the aforementioned holidays are Guy Fawkes' Day and Cinqo de Mayo. Rock.]

Fourth, I like the idea of being able to watch tv episodes online, but it's been my experience that most of the network websites are crap. Except ABC. ABC.com's full episode videos are the most reliable and easy to use of any major site. Well done, ABC.

That is all.